Internships and Coops

Internships and Coop’s

I recently attended the information session on internships and coops. It was absolutely incredible and after I really wanted to jump into my own internship or coop. The room was filled with mostly freshman and the director of internships and coops was very inviting of everyone. To start off she surveyed us to see how many of us have any internship experience. At first I felt uncomfortable because I had no experience prior but she soon told me of the many opportunities that freshmen can take advantage of. Specifically for freshmen and sophomores are the leadership and externship programs. These programs are designed for students to learn about their preferences in the business world and to have a mentor to help them learn about the business. Students get a hands on approach about the daily situations that the firm has to deal with. An upperclassman said that her particular leadership program was, “A great chance to learn more about the firms and about that particular industry.” At this point in a freshman’s education internships are seen more as an experience to find out what we eventually what to dive into. I thought this was awesome because I personally am not sure about what career I want or who I want to work for. hiThese programs also teach students with crucial business practices such as voicemail style, business attire, and meeting company deadlines. It eases us into the business world by learning these skills early on. So I think offering this chance is a great opportunity that we should all take advantage of. One statistics I thought was incredibly interesting was 74% of employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience. This puts those candidates with this experience at an incredible advantage. Villanova does a great job in offering so many of these leadership programs in all fields of discipline. Also, as students get longer internships it can actually count as school credit. After completing a minimum of 150 work hours this internship would count as 3 free elective credits. At these stages, internships become more important in setting up relations within the company. Many Villanovans start their jobs as internships at that company and become employed full time at graduation.

Overall, I had a great time at the internship and coop information session. The speaker was both informative and entertaining. She provided all of us with information about incredible opportunities that exist within the school. I would completely recommend this event to everyone as it puts all of the information we need right in front of us. I will definitely be attending next year.

-Vincent Papetti

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